Saturday, August 12, 2006

Professed FisCon/SocLib analyzes Price-Sinton

Interesting analysis of Price-Sinton by a self-professed Fiscal Conservative/Social Liberal:
Experience: From what I can tell on Sinton’s site, he seems to have no experience in public office whatsoever....Advantage: Tom Price.

Stones: Price made it a point to avoid confronting [primary challenger] Konop on the issues at every turn... Sinton, on the other hand...lists his home phone number in the header on his website proclaiming that “I want to be a congressman as close as your phone.”...Advantage: Steve Sinton.

Every Day Peopleness: Steve Sinton is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is so unbelievably cool I don’t even know where to begin. Price does not send his kids to public schools, which seems wildly hypocritical given that he talks a big game about No Child Left Behind...Advantage: Steve Sinton.
Not exactly my list of criteria for evaluating candidates, but an interesting analysis nonetheless. This fails to make a point I've emphasized before, that Price is inexplicably a medical doctor who has voted three times AGAINST stem-cell research, and that his voting record is that of a Bush rubber-stamp. But in the end, I think the issue will be whether the local voters are able to get to know Sinton, because those that do seem to recognize he's a much sharper "stone" than Price.

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