Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Boortz thinks Bush critics Criticize out of Hatred

Neal Boortz--third on Keith Olbermann's 'worst person' list recently for calling adult minimum wage workers "pathetic" and "worthless"--thinks that George Bush's opponents disagree with him and fight his policies out of a personal hatred. He said so this morning, in the 3 minutes of his radio show I could tolerate--suggesting that Democrats hate Bush so much, they cannot bring themselves to support his War on Terror. 

Notwithstanding that support for the "War on Terror" is not uniform across either party, the issue here is that people (rational ones that I communicate with, anyway) disagree that bombing the Middle East back to the stone age is the way to fight terror--and because Bush has yet to recognize the folly of his ways given three and a half years of poor performance in Iraq, it becomes apparent that Bush has a learning disability at best. 

It's a form of reality denial--you don't have to actually defend Bush's policies if you write off any criticism as a manifestation of hatred. Let's have an honest debate, people.

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